Get Rid Of Allergens In Your Home

Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, headache—it can only mean one thing: allergy season is upon us. And it seems that no matter how much we clean our house and wash our hands there's nothing we can do to escape the wrath of allergy season. Or is there?

When most of us think of allergies we think of pollen and ragweed, but there are plenty of things that give us those sinus headaches that come from inside our home. Recognizing allergens and taking the proper steps to get rid of them is an important part of home maintenance and extremely necessary for the health of your entire family. Learn about allergens inside and outside the home and what you can do to make sure they stay away.

Before we learn how to improve our indoor air quality and make our home allergen free, let's first take a look at the different allergens that contaminate our home:

Dust Mites

These tiny little creatures can be found all over the home and over 20 million Americans are allergic to them. They feed off of dead skin from humans and pets and are commonly found in carpeting, beds, and furniture. They are really bad in places with hot and humid weather and are unable to survive in colder, drier places.


High humidity and moisture are two of mold's favorite things, again making certain places an optimal spot for mold growth. When you mix humid air, like the air outside, with cool air-conditioned air inside your home, you get condensation. The condensation then causes mold to grow. Mold is commonly seen growing on walls, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Breathing in mold spores causes a variety of allergic reactions and can be dangerous to your health.


If you have mold, you are going to have mildew. It is usually black in color and grows on walls, ceilings, and is commonly seen in the bathroom. Like mold, it thrives in hot, humid, and damp places.

Pet Dander

While we love our pets and consider them part of our family, there are parts of them that we can be extremely allergic to. Pet dander is dead skin that all dogs and cats shed that gets on everything. It can even be found in homes without pets because it is easily transferred through the skin and clothes of visitors who do have them.

Rodents and Bugs

Cockroaches are a common cause of allergies in the home and can even cause asthma in some people. Their saliva, feces, urine, and even their decomposing bodies all become mixed in with the air you breathe and can cause severe allergic reactions. Rodents like rats and mice are also allergy triggers because they leave behind contaminants through their skin, saliva, and urine.


Because most allergens are floating in the air we breathe, the easiest way to get rid of them is to purify and clean the air inside your home.

The best way to improve indoor air quality and to make sure it is clean and contaminant free is to install filters inside your home that purify your air. A lot of homes are built with a 1-inch box filter that is located in the wall or ceiling. While having a small filter is better than having none at all, it is still not efficient enough to clean your air the way you need it to. Box filters only filter out about 20% of dust and 5% of mold, mildew, and other bacteria.

Having your house sprayed for insects and rodent-proofed is another effective way rid your home of contaminants that cause allergies.

It is also recommended to get your home on a lawn care maintenance program. Having your lawn regularly treated for weeds that cause allergies such as any weed in the broadleaf family will help keep their pollen from entering your home and will keep you from sneezing uncontrollably.

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